2014-03-03 00:05:47 by Shadowfall001

Hello Travelers,

Just wanted to let the world know that I am in fact still writing music, but there's a lot of guitar work in a good amount of my new stuff and It would be half-assing it to try to synthesize guitars.  It just wouldn't sound right.  Seeing as how I don't personally know any guitar players, I'm using this time to teach myself to play guitar and how to write guitar parts a bit better.  Also to build up funds for a decent program to record with.  Reason 7 is great for a lot of things, but I don't want to have to rely on one or two amps to give me all my sounds.  Also need some better equipment to record vocals with. I would normally still be writing and producing my normal electronic stuff during this "hiatus" ,but my computer recently died on me.  I'll hopefully be buying a new macbook soon (after the nightmare of a pc I just lost I'm set on going back to apple.  Never really wanted a pc to begin with). So yeah, I'm not dead, just taking some time to broaden my horizons.